We are driven by a professional pride in all aspects of our work. To us, the devil is in the detail. We combine our thoroughness with flexibility and understanding, guaranteeing our clients a secure and close collaboration.


Our clients can rest assured that we deliver on time every time, giving them a quality that is palpable. In fact we are so precise that we build the equipment that measures the measuring equipment.

We help and support each other with our different competences and knowhow, that way our customers get products, that have been manufactured with commitment, pride and under controlled conditions. We would love to deliver the optimal for the customer and avoid any form of complaint or do-overs.

We are constantly working on our knowledge surrounding the products and their use, so it is possible for us to produce with even more care and presence, when we know the products intended use.

Therefore, through the gathering of facts and dialogue we will actively work to increase our processes’ effectivity and continuously improve our Quality Management System.

Jaegerspris Finmekanisk is certified in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard in manufacturing precision mechanics components in metal, plastics and more. We preform systemised process control (SPC) using Procella® from Q-DAS.